"Our capacity planning has been a problem for years ..." use our flexibility

Software development often knows peaks and throughs. But thanks to the flexibility of Technosoft, that's history luckily.

Development rate too high? We stay ahead.

Development cycles are becoming shorter, keeping up-to-date remains a real challenge. We put our years of expertise into your projects.n.

Do you always meet deadlines?

Get deadlines means knowing what you start and overlook everything. We offer that overview.

Do you employ the best people? We have had them for 40 years now.

Good developers are hard to find and expensive. Since 1977 we have employed the best people. And our attractive rates are never at the expense of quality.

Nearshore Outsourcing

“Always the best result through the use of knowledge and capacity.”
  • Nearshore software development.
  • Microsoft, PHP, Ruby, Apps and web development.
  • The best people available.
  • Development throughout Europe

Business cases

The reason

For a long time, it was planned to develop software for a load and model generator for Elascon connections as a platform for the more than 500 Easycon software partners. Easycon is a self-developed program for making static calculations of elastic joint st...

Dipl.Ing. Holger Rupprecht
Custom made for the concrete industry

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Check out Technosoft's development

1977 Today
Project management software
Registration of the Technosoft brand
Start development of CAD software
Acquisition of activities by Brunel and establishment in Deventer
Technosoft Germany
Technosoft Moldova
Technosoft Romania
From DOS to Windows platform
Start selling AxisVM software
Introduction 3Muri earthquake software + first KOMO certification
Start Business unit Quality Assurance & testing
Switch to Eurocode software
Start of nearshoring under the name In-shore
Technosoft sold by Brunel through a Management Buy Out
Start development calculation software
merging In-shore and Technosoft brands