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With more than 40 years of successful experience in the Netherlands and over 10 years in Moldova, Technosoft delivers professional software development and testing services to international companies. We believe that customers can only be satisfied by people who enjoy doing their work.

Software development is in our genes. 

Technosoft Skytower Chisinau

Over 12 years in Chisinau

ICS ES Technosoft SRL is a professional software development company based in Chisinau, Moldova. Part of the Technosoft holding based in Deventer, The Netherlands. We develop software for customers in the Netherlands and Germany. We are a stable growing company, occupying current market leader position in specific product market combinations with a clear development strategy towards EU countries.
Dumitru Condrea – Senior Software Developer
Dumitru Condrea – Senior Software Developer

I joined Technosoft in 2011 and it became more than just a company or a job for me. The thing I enjoy most about working for Technosoft is the people I work with. There is a great team and nice working environment- it’s nothing like the ‘corporate world’, it’s like a family!

I joined Technosoft in 2011 and it became more than just a company or a job for me. The thing I enjoy most about working for Technosoft is the people I work with. There is a great team and nice working environment- it’s nothing like the ‘corporate world’, it’s like a family!

Artur Stolear – Technical Leader
Artur Stolear – Technical Leader

I am working for Technosoft for more than 3 years. During this time I have managed to work in several projects in radically different areas – mobile development with IoT integration, web app for medical care, cloud based web applications.

During this time being part of these projects I managed to enlarge the skillset a lot, as well as had the opportunity to work with large teams, and for short periods of time abroad. Meantime I have also improved my communication and leadership skills, and became a technical lead. I’m having a great time working for Technosoft!

Pavel Paladi – Lead Developer
Pavel Paladi – Lead Developer

I do really feel connected to Technosoft. Everyone within our big team or, I could say even family, is closed to each other, helping and sharing their opinion. We spend our time both helping our clients, as well as having our chit-chats during the coffee breaks. All of my colleagues are professionals in their domain, which helps things move smooth and without too much hassle.  

Having a nicely equipped office in the very heart of Chisinau also adds-up to the overall comfort, making me feel here like home. 

  • I do really appreciate the honesty in the relation between the Technosoft as employer, our clients and me.  

I do like the fact that we are quite flat as a company, which keeps maintaining close relations between my colleagues. 

I know I can count on our management that it is capable to maintain and improve the team with the best professionals around. 

  • I’d like to improve my knowledge and experience in areas connected to my professional activity, like big data analysis, artificial intelligence and neuronal networks. 
Marina Smolina – Senior QA engineer
Marina Smolina – Senior QA engineer

I love working for Technosoft! The atmosphere is very cozy and home-like, the colleagues are friendly and always eager to help. Daily someone brings delicious stuff to share with others, to make your day nice and sunny.

I appreciate our office in the center of the city, with best location ever, the occasions to participate in all sport events, especially the Techno-ski events, which we had every year before the pandemic and of course I enjoy all the presents we get on Holidays. And not only I feel that Technosoft cares for me, for my health, it provides fruits at the office, it compensates sports expenses, it pays for taxi so that to minimize risks of taking COVID, it provides us with comfortable chairs and tables, at which we can work standing on the feet, thus avoiding many unpleasant diseases and making some movement)). Also, we used to have nice going outs with the colleagues each month, having nice talks with a glass of beer or wine. Love Techno family 🙂

Working as a manual QA Engineer, Idon’t use specific technologies and framework. I use mostly JIRA for defect management, Confluence for documentation analysis, Slack for communication with the Team and Cucumber studio for managing test cases. But mainly I use logic, experience and analytican skills. 

It is highly important that the employer cares for the employees, does his best so that people feel comfortable and secure at their working space and let you know that he appreciates your work, by action. Because Love is an action, not a word🙂 When you feel you want to come to the office instead of working from home, it’s best compliment to the employer!!!

I wish I have a nice family with few children in the nearest future and hope to  combine it with working at Technosoft, part-time or fully engaged, depends on the circumstances 🙂

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